Faculty Memos

The move to Workday will impact how faculty manage grants, procure materials, and file expense reports. Read the Faculty Memo series to learn more.

Faculty and Workday

Changes to Finance at Georgia Tech

The Financials Transformation to Workday modernizes Georgia Tech’s administrative services to support its excellence in teaching, research, and practice. Workday Financials will launch July 1, 2019 and will deliver real-time reporting, standardize business processes, and reduce redundant systems at Georgia Tech.

Whether you prefer to work more hands on in the financial system or work with an Administrative Assistant, Workday comes with a few benefits that will resolve many pain points expressed by Georgia Tech faculty. In addition, the Workday Mobile App will allow you to approve on the go and more easily file expense reports.

Learn How Workday Addresses Pain Points

Workday Financials Faculty Memos

These one page memos outline impacts to faculty and their staff. The topics will include an overview of Workday, details on the mobile app, impacts to expenses and managing grants, overview on delegation, and updates to procurement.

Training for Faculty

Faculty will have access to training materials in May along with the financial users. Training includes attending webinars or seminars for the relevant topics and utilizing job aids and quick reference guides to aid in accomplishing tasks.