OneUSG Connect

Aligning Georgia Tech's HR processes to the OneUSG technology solution


HCM Transformation

The OneUSG Vision

OneUSG is an initiative launched by the University System of Georgia (USG) to develop and implement a consistent approach to policies, procedures, and technology solutions to support the Chancellor's strategic imperative of accountability, efficiency, and innovation.

The OneUSG initiative is ultimately expected to help the University System Offices (USO) and institutions come together to reduce costs, streamline processes, and have consistent guidelines and procedures with centralized support.

The team created this four-part series to help breakdown the HCM Transformation, explaining what it is, why it’s happening and how it will impact you.

Benefits of Moving to OneUSG Connect

As part of this initiative, Georgia Tech will adopt leading business practices and streamline existing business processes. While it will be necessary to learn new terminology and navigation, we will also gain new features and functionality in moving to this platform. For example, OneUSG Connect:

  • Is mobile friendly and accessible
  • Supports organizational reporting and provides an online organization chart
  • Presents a more intuitive user interface and offers an improved user experience
  • Enables electronic approvals
  • Provides improved transparency and tracking
  • Supports increased accountability
  • Provides a more unified and integrated system

OneUSG Connect Applications

                      These applications will be introduced in phases. The project team is currently determining the timing for rolling out individual applications beginning with the initial launch date.


Workday - Campus Training for Workday



Replaces the numerous hiring forms and applicant tracking systems we currently use for recruiting (e.g. Taleo).

Expenses - Campus Training for Workday


Workforce Administration

Manages and maintains foundational Core HR data: data transactions, reports and processes.

Procurement - Campus Training for Workday



Administers health and group benefits.

NOTE: Georgia Tech began using this application in July 2017

Financial Accounting - Campus Training for Workday



Creates paychecks for all employees.

NOTE: The payroll process will be done in conjunction with the USG Shared Services Center (SSC) and payroll processing deadlines will change

Grants Management - Campus Training for Workday



Provides employees with a mechanism to view and manage personal information.

Introduces functionality to view and manage information for managers (time approval, position & people management, job information) and faculty (degree information, publications and presentations).

Business Assets - Campus Training for Workday



Manages foreign national tax compliance and immigration status data as well as appropriate payment processing for services provided outside the U.S.

Ensures compliance in the recruitment and on-boarding of new foreign national employees.


Projects - Campus Training for Workday


Commitment Accounting

Used to calculate encumbrances for gross earnings, flat rate fringe, and tuition remission and post encumbrances and actual earnings to the general ledger based on labor distributions.

Replaces Salary Planning & Distribution (SPD).

Supplier Accounts - Campus Training for Workday


Faculty Events

Maintains information related to faculty promotion, tenure, eligibility, administrative posts, degrees, and special titles.


Supplier Accounts - Campus Training for Workday


Time & Labor/ Absence Management

Processes reporting and approval of time and leave.

Supplier Accounts - Campus Training for Workday


Time Clocks

Replaces current timekeeping systems (e.g., Kronos,TechTime).

Program Progress

Georgia Tech will go-live on OneUSG Connect on January 1, 2020


Image of the HCM Program timeline showing a breakdown by phase.

Understanding the Phases

  • Plan & Discover Phase: This phase sets the foundation for the project by mobilizing team members, meeting with key stakeholders, identifying current pain points, and assessing conversion, integration, hardware, and software needs for the PeopleSoft system and associated enterprise systems.
  • Design Phase: The objective of the Design Phase is to finalize the future state functional and technical solutions and address the gaps identified during the Plan and Discovery phase.
  • Configure & Develop Phase: The objective of the Configure and Develop Phase is to build or retrofit the identified PeopleSoft customizations and system configurations, develop system interfaces, and associated reports to include dashboard and analytics capabilities.
  • Test & Train Phase: The objective of the Test and Train Phase is to ensure the system is working as designed and to provide comprehensive training to the users in preparation for successful system go-live.
  • Deploy Phase: The objective of the Deploy Phase is to successfully transition the Georgia Tech’s end users to OneUSG Connect.
  • After go live, the team will continue to support the program by monitoring and addressing issues, insuring the system stabilizes, and fully transferring ownership of the processes to those stakeholders who will be managing the system.

OneUSG Connect

A first priority for the OneUSG initiative is to bring the University System Offices and all USG institutions onto one technology solution to manage human resources activities, benefits, and compensation. The new platform, OneUSG Connect, is running on PeopleSoft HCM version 9.2.

To manage this transition, the system has been divided into six cohorts. The first cohort “went live” on the new platform in July 2017.  Georgia Tech, the final institution to make this shift, will move to the new platform by January 1, 2020.

July 2017
Cohort 1
January 2018
Cohort 2
April 2018
Cohort 3
January 2019
Cohort 4
July 2019
Cohort 5
January 2020
Cohort 6
  • Columbus State University
  • Georgia College & State University
  • Georgia Gwinnett College
  • Georgia Southwestern State University
  • Valdosta State University
  • University System Office
  • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College/Bainbridge State College
  • Georgia Southern University/ Armstrong State University
  • Fort Valley State
  • Gordon State College
  • Middle Georgia State University
  • Albany State University/Darton State College
  • Atlanta Metropolitan State College
  • College of Coastal Georgia
  • Clayton State University
  • Dalton State College
  • East Georgia State College
  • Georgia Highlands College
  • Georgia State University
  • Kennesaw State University
  • Savannah State University
  • South Georgia State College
  • University of North Georgia
  • University of West Georgia
  • University of Georgia
  • Augusta University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology


The transition to OneUSG Connect will impact every department at every level within Georgia Tech: faculty, staff, student employees, affiliates, Tech Temps, and contracted workers. When fully realized, Georgia Tech will leverage the functions within OneUSG Connect to manage a range of HR transactions - from recruiting and onboarding through retirements and terminations.


Georgia Tech Team

Project Directors

  • Greg Phillips, Transformation Director
  • Katie Crawford, Transformation Deputy Director

Track Leads


  • Zachary Hayes, Enablement Track Lead  
  • Dan Hopkinson, Reporting Track Lead 
  • Jerry Jobe, Process Track Lead 
  • Kara Tillman, Organizational Readiness Track Lead 
  • HemalathaManickavinayaham, Program Management Lead

Area Leads


  • Terryl Barnes, Commitment Accounting Lead 
  • Shalonda Cargill, Workforce Administration Lead 
  • Alex Council, Faculty Events Lead 
  • Christine Edell, Time & Labor / Absence Management Lead 
  • Taylor Ferguson, Payroll Lead 
  • Jehan Hailey-Thomas, Self-Service Lead 
  • Badra Jaden, Careers Lead 
  • Doug Podoll, Global Lead 
  • Ginny Ray, Security Lead 
  • Richard Tanner, Commitment Accounting Lead  
  • Mandy Warfel, Self-Service Lead


  • Chhaya Amin, Integrations and Extended Systems Developer Lead 
  • Brent O'Guin, Integrations and Extended Systems Lead 
  • Joe Younkins, Conversion Lead 

Organizational Readiness

  • Gabrielle D. GastonOutreach and Engagement Lead
  • Rui HuLearning & Development Lead  
  • Stacy Johnson, Org Readiness Functional Lead 
  • Treshea N. Wade, GTHR Communications Lead 


  • Andre Goodman, Business Intelligence Lead
  • Rodney Pacis, Enterprise Data Warehouse Lead

Area Owners

Each area within the project has a business owner responsible for that function within Georgia Tech. These owners help drive and make decisions and recommendations for their area, as well as, allocate resources, and assist in determining the overall direction of the program.

  • Kim Harrington – HR Core, Onboarding, Compensation, ESS, MSS, Global, Careers (Undergrad Students)
  • David Bamburowski – MFE, FSS, Careers (Grad Students and Faculty)
  • Marla Bruner – (Grad Students)
  • Sheila Garza – Time & Labor, Careers - Research (GTRI)
  • Jonathon Jeffries - Commitment Accounting
  • Kevin Merkel – Benefits, Time & Absence, Time Clock
  • Julie McCoy – Commitment Accounting and Financials (GTRI)
  • Zach Rogers – Payroll
  • Leslie Sharp – MFE, FSS, Careers (Grad Students and Faculty)
  • Germaine Sims – Time & Labor, Careers - Research (GTRI) 
  • Kim Toatley – Commitment Accounting and Financials (GTRI)
  • Charvette Webb – Careers (Staff)

Human Capital Management Transformation Committee (HTC)




  • Marla Bruner - Graduate Studies
  • Will Jimerson - Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
  • Sheila Garza - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Jeanne Balsam - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Shalonda Bellows - Georgia Tech Human Resources
  • James Black - Graduate Studies
  • Terry Blum - Scheller College of Business
  • Karen Bolen - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Melissa "Missy" Busscher - College of Design
  • Tina Clonts - Institute Finance Support Team
  • Mysty Connelly - Vice President of the Office of Undergraduate Education
  • Lisa Cox - H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Rachel Cox - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Rusty Edwards - College of Engineering
  • Karen Ethier - Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience
  • Brad Fain - Georgia Tech Center for Advanced Communications Policy
  • Brandi Foley-Rodgers - Office of the Provost
  • Cedric Franklin - Georgia Tech Human Resources
  • Elena Garcia - College of Engineering
  • Gail Greene - Scheller College of Business
  • Lynda House - College of Engineering
  • Allen Johnson - Georgia Tech Human Resources
  • Marcus Johnson - College of Computing
  • Lori Jones - Georgia Tech Human Resources
  • Greg Owen - Enterprise Innovation Institute at Georgia Tech
  • Bridget Parrish - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Autumn Peppers - Faculty Affairs
  • Travis Proffitt - Georgia Tech Human Resources
  • Laura Pusateri - Georgia Tech Human Resources
  • Adrienne Richardson - Georgia Tech Human Resources
  • Sharon Riehl - Georgia Tech Library
  • Lauren Robb - College of Design
  • Pamela Ruffin -  College of Computing
  • Janice Russell - Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
  • Germaine Sims - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Brittany Smith - Faculty Affairs
  • Jackie Strickland - Graduate Studies
  • Laura Taylor - Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
  • Olivia Watkins - Government and Community Relations
  • Sue Winters - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Easter Worden - Division of Student Life
  • Tamecia Wright - College of Engineering
  • Michele Yager - College of Sciences
Change Agent Network
  • Olabisi Abikoye - Enterprise Innovation Institute
  • Christine Ackerman - Georgia Tech Athletics
  • Alison Ackie Morain - School of Earth and Atmospheric Science
  • Terre Adair - Student Center
  • Erin Adams - School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Charmain Alston - Institute for Data Engineering and Science
  • Melissa Arceneaux - Procurement and Business Services
  • Melody Austin - Georgia Tech Professional Education
  • Angela Ayers - Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences
  • TaNorris Bailey - Georgia Tech Police Department
  • Lula Baker - Office of the Provost
  • David Barnes - Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute
  • Andrea Be - Office of Industry Collaboration
  • Shalonda Bellows - Campus Services
  • Kayla Blackwell - Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center
  • Ravyn Blue - Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines
  • Kathleen Borsh - Division of Student Life
  • Keyva Bradley - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Laurence Brennan - Capital Planning and Space Management
  • Vickie Brian - College of Engineering
  • Sharonneika Brinkley - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Renee Brown - Vice President of the Division of Administration and Finance
  • Julie Bryant - Georgia Tech Communications and Marketing
  • Keysha Buchanan - Stamps Health Services
  • Gary Burchfield - Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems
  • Melissa Busscher - College of Design
  • Kimberly Campbell - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Valencia Cantrell - School of Biomedical Engineering
  • Ashley Carr - Institute Planning and Resource Management
  • Jennifer Chisholm -  College of Computing
  • Dian Chung - College of Sciences
  • Mayumi Cole - Georgia Tech Army Reserve Officer Training Corps
  • Tyesha Coleman - Sam Nunn School of International Affairs
  • Mysty Connelly - Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute
  • London Cox - Georgia Tech Professional Education
  • Lisa Cox - School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Jane Crawford - School of Biological Sciences
  • Deidre Crockett - College of Design
  • Carolyn Crump - Georgia Tech Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
  • Kevin Cruse - Scheller College of Business
  • Kenya Devalia - School of Literature, Media, and Communication
  • Linda Dillon - School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Leslie Dionne White - JS Coon School of Psychology
  • Trinh Doan - Institute for Information Security and Privacy
  • Debbie Dorsey - Division of Student Life
  • Malynda Dorsey - Office of Information Technology
  • Glenda Duncan - Strategic Energy Institute
  • Sandra Duplessis - Institute Diversity
  • LaJauna Ellis - Office of the Dean of Students
  • Sonia Ellison - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Karen Ethier - Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences
  • Brandi Foley-Rodgers - Office of the Provost
  • Gemma Ford - Student Center
  • Amy Fortson - College of Design
  • Dawn Franklin - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Sheila Garza - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Josie Giles - Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines
  • James Godard - School of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Gail Greene - Scheller College of Business
  • Shkina Halbert - Institute for Data Engineering and Science
  • Mary Hallisey - Strategic Energy Institute
  • Elizabeth Hawkes - Georgia Tech Office of Development
  • Courtney Hill -  Institute Diversity
  • Corey Hopkins - Undergraduate Education
  • Lynda House - College of Engineering
  • Jyldyz Hughes - School of Economics
  • Will Jimerson - Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
  • Marcus Johnson - College of Computing
  • Erica Johnson - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • LaConnia Jones - Georgia Tech Police Department
  • Cecelia Jones - Institute for Materials
  • Cynthia Jordan - Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines
  • Cheryl Kelley - Facilities Management
  • Bridgett Kemp - Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Season Lewis - Georgia Tech Athletics
  • Keona Lewis - Institute Diversity
  • Daphne Mackens - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Fariah Majmundar - School of Modern Languages
  • Brandon Mansmann - Office of the Provost
  • Tiffany Marlin - Georgia Tech Information Security Center
  • Melissa Marlin - Global Center for Medical Innovation and T3 Labs
  • Scott McAtee - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Matthew McClendon - Enrollment Services
  • Brian McGlade - Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
  • Michelle Meadors - College of Computing
  • Twyla Moore - College of Design
  • Cynthia Moore - Institute for People and Technology
  • Derrick Morse - Facilities Management
  • Page Morton - Department of Housing
  • Dione Morton - Renewable Bioproducts Institute 
  • Padma Murugesan - Financial Services
  • Jennifer Myles - Institute Planning and Resource Management
  • Greg Owen - Enterprise Innovation Institute at Georgia Tech
  • Cheryl Parker - Georgia Tech Library
  • Dersi Patel - Global Center for Medical Innovation and T3 Labs
  • Angela Patrick - Procurement and Business Services
  • Amelia Pavlik - Graduate Education and Faculty Development
  • Cynthia Pendley - Georgia Tech Center for Advanced Communications Policy
  • Carolyn Phillips - College of Design
  • Janice Phillips - Department of Internal Auditing
  • Cindy Pickett - George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Laleeta Pitts - Ethics, Compliance and Legal Affairs
  • Alyson Powell - Institute for People and Technology
  • Shamecia Powers - Georgia Tech International Initiatives
  • Jaydale Poyotte - Graduate Education and Faculty Development
  • Travis Proffitt - Georgia Tech Office of Development
  • Cassandra Railey - Parking and Transportation Services
  • Ruthlyn Richards - College of Computing
  • Sharon Riehl - Georgia Tech Library
  • Donna Riley - Georgia Tech Library
  • Judy Rivers - Facilities Management
  • Valeria Roberts - Georgia Tech Professional Education
  • Susan Roche - Office of Executive Vice President of Research
  • Jennifer Rocke - BuzzCard Center
  • Pam Ruffin - College of Computing
  • Kenyona Russell - Enrollment Services
  • Janice Russell - Office of the Dean of Students
  • Susan Ryan - Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems
  • Shemerra Searcy - Office of Academic Effectiveness
  • Denice Shorter - Georgia Tech Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
  • Germaine Sims - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Patricia Smith - Institute Planning and Resource Management
  • Neesia Smith - Office of the Dean of Students
  • Kimberly Stanley Jones - School of Mathematics
  • Tia Stegall - Georgia Tech Athletics
  • Florence Stoia - Georgia Tech International Initiatives
  • Faith Sumpter - Institute for People and Technology
  • Dean Sutter - Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
  • Kutana Taylor - Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Vonel Teragene - College of Computing
  • Briana Thomas - Georgia Tech Communications and Marketing
  • Nicole Thompson - School of Physics
  • Yolanda Turner - School of Public Policy
  • Treshea Wade - Georgia Tech Human Resources
  • Traci Walden-Monroe - Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
  • Nikkia Walker - College of Design
  • Olivia Watkins - Government and Community Relations
  • Rex Welch - Georgia Tech Research Corporation
  • Jeff White - Global Center for Medical Innovation and T3 Labs
  • Kim Whitehead - Parking and Transportation Services
  • Lloyd Williams - Renewable Bioproducts Institute 
  • Adrian Williams - Scheller College of Business
  • Michelle Wong - Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences
  • Katy Wong - Undergraduate Education
  • Sue Woolard - Academic Effectiveness
  • Lorie Wooten - College of Design
  • Terrance Wooten - Georgia Tech Office of Development
  • Easter Worden - Division of Student Life
  • Carla Zachery - Engineered Biosystems Building
Analysts Participate as team members within each area by performing identified tasks and duties that could include design documentation, issue log tracking, technical build, test case identification, etc.


Provide subject matter expertise (e.g., institute systems, institute processes, PeopleSoft, Higher Ed best practices) for defined areas to ensure project meets identified requirements.


Participate as needed in various meetings as source of information or to provide targeted subject matter expertise.


Streamlining with the USG

Over the next year, many of our processes, deadlines, and systems will be optimized/streamlined and aligned with the USG platform. For example, we are currently preparing to change the biweekly pay week schedule in order to integrate with the new payroll system and we are transitioning to the USG vendor used to conduct background checks.