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Getting in and around the ERP Office

The Enterprise Transformation office is at the corner of Marietta Street and Means Street, directly across from the Office of Human Resources.

Our Office

755 Marietta Street NW
Atlanta, GA, 30318



The parking lot at ERP is designated by the GA Tech Parking and Transportation Office as Area W04. Non Georgia Tech Staff and Visitors who wish to park at ERP will need to secure a temporary daily permit from the Georgia Tech Parking and Transportation Office, or utilize a Visitor Parking Lot at Ferst Drive, the Student Center, or Campus Recreation Center. 

ERP Building Access 

The Enterprise Resource Planning office has secured building entry. Access to the building during normal business hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm) for occasional visitors will be granted by utilizing the electronic directory at the building entrance, or by the receptionist.

Frequent GA Tech staff visitors may be granted BuzzCard access by request. You must provide your GTID number to the Program Manager (David Adcock) to become authorized and use the electronic door access system

Reach out to if you have any questions.